U S Kids 2007

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U S Kids Jekyll Island Cup

Boys 6 & Under

Oleander Course

Jekyll Island Regional Cup
Kyle displays his 2nd place trophy

We returned to Jekyll Island, Ga for Kyle's 2nd Regional Cup after a long, cold winter.  Our clubs didn't make the early morning flight with us and had to be flown out in the afternoon, meaning that Kyle lost a whole day of practice.  The weather was almost identical to last year - cold and windy. The sun was out and the wind shirts that US Kids gave out was a great help and Kyle loved it.  He was under par for both rounds with a 32 - 34; only 2 shots off the lead and 8 shots clear of third.

U S Kids Local Summer Tour 2007

Boys 7

Stevens Park GC

After 2 seasons on the Boys 6 & Under, Kyle was extremely excited to be moved up to Boys 7.  For this age group, USKids lengthened the playing field by about 400 yards to help the golfers prepare for the bigger competitions.

Stevens Park 2007

The first Tournament of the season was almost a washout.  A huge storm system hit the Dallas area about 7 am and the torrential rain and wind threatened to cancel the tournament.  However, as soon as the rain stopped, Stevens Park - with a really phenomenal drainage system - was ready to go after just a 2 hour rain delay.  Kyle was eager to see some old friends in his group as well as meet the new faces; some from out of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and one all the way from Kansas.  Kyle shot a 4-under par 32 for 1st place and was ready to go.

Brookhaven CC - President's Course

Brookhaven 2007
Garrett - Stewart - Kyle

The second tournament was at Brookhaven - a course that Kyle has traditionally done very well at and he took first place with a 32.

Gleneagles CC

Gleneagles 2007
Christopher - Noah - Kyle

The rain continued through most of June and it seemed that we were dodging the storms, at every tournament.  It was no different at Indian Creek.  Kyle and Garrett both shot a 35 and didn't finish until it was almost dark.  Many of the other divisions were scrambling to finish before the last of the daylight was gone.

Next was Canyon Creek CC; a course Kyle hadn't played since the State Championship, 2 years ago.  Kyle and Garrett remained close, but Kyle was able to shoot another 35 for the win.

On July 17, due to late afternoon tee times, Paul was unable to caddy for Kyle and it was left to me.  Fortunately, I remembered Gleneagles CC from last year's World Qualifier, because it's a tricky course with lots of water.  Since I was caddy - I was unable to take pictures during Kyle's round and this is when he made his first double eagle.  He chipped in his 2nd shot on a long par 5 and won the tournament with his lowest score in competition - 31.

Dallas Athletic Club

Dallas Athletic Club 2007
Tour director Brian Mahon congratulates Kyle on his win.

We got to play at Dallas Athletic Club for the first time and for this tournament Paul and I would be splitting caddy duty.  Paul took Kyle through the first 5 holes then had to hurry across town to go to work.  I arrived to finish the tournament and not a moment too soon.  Boys 7 finished but several groups had a rain delay and some groups were unable to complete all the holes.  Kyle took first with a 34 and this would be the last regular tournament for him before leaving for Pinehurst.  He would be unable to compete at Hackberry Creek since we were going to World's a day earlier than usual.

US Kids Summer Tour Championship 

Boys 7

 Prestonwood GC

2007 Winners - Boys 7
Noah 4th - Stewart 3rd - Garrett 2nd - Kyle 1st. Tour Dirctor Brian Mahon. Not present Brock 5th

The tour championship was held at Prestonwood this year, after World's.  Paul and I, again, split caddy duty due to our work schedules.  I was getting a little more comfortable with it, but didn't always make the right club selection - especially with Kyle's new hybrid.  He shot a 35 for second place in the tournament, giving him a total of 210 points and his second Player of the Year honors. 

U S Kids World Championship

Boys 7

Mid Pines GC

The award says Team South Central - But it was all TEXAS all the way. The Team Championship was won through the efforts of Kyle (7); Tanaka Matuzu (6); Ryan Grider (8); Brad Dalke (9); William Zalatoris (10); Connor Black (11); and Austin Degrate (12).  Seven great golfers from Texas beating Team West by 39 points.  Most of the boys will be returning next year and I'm sure there are high hopes for a repeat.  Great Work Boys!!!

Kyle also brought home placques for low scores in rounds 2 & 3 - (34 & 36) finishing T10

U S Kids World Championship - Team Winners
Tanaka - Brad - William - Austin - Connor - Ryan - Kyle

Local Winter Tour 2007

Boys 7

 Brookhaven CC - President's Course

Brookhaven 2007
Kyle 1st - Kade 2nd - Noah 3rd

This year, we're fortunate to have a Winter Tour for USKids and not have to rely only on NTPGA for events during the school year.  The first event was held at Brookhaven CC, a course that's becoming very familiar to Kyle and he won first place with a 33.  The weather cooperated and it was a break from the brutal Texas summer heat. The 2nd event was at Chase Oaks and on a very, very windy day, Kyle shot a 38 to again take first place.  It was his only round over par for the whole Winter Tour.

Chase Oaks GC

Chase Oaks 2007
Director Brian Mahon, Noah 3rd - Daniel 2nd - Kyle 1st

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