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On this page are links to other web sites that we check quite often. They are extremely helpful for junior golfers and offer a wealth of information, guidance, tournament opportunities and so much more.

U S Kids Golf

US Kids World Champion 2006
Kyle displays his World Champion Trophy,

For us - it started with US Kids Golf. Start here and see junior golf at every level - beginner, local tours, Regional and European competitions and culminating with their World Championship. 


This has all the information for US Kids Golf, including all tournament results since its beginning.  A comprehensive site with equipment designed especially for the junior golfer.  No other golfing system is as wide-ranging as U.S. Kids Golf and it is currently the Number 1 Brand in Junior Golf.  Everything is located on one site: tournaments in every state - results - tee times - and you can also order photos from the Regional and World events.  Be sure to check out the Outlet.  You can find apparel, equipment and accessories.  There's even a "Tournament Gear" section with specially logoed apparel and bags.  We have been extremely happy with the quality and durability of the equipment, esp the travel bag, as well as the apparel.

Click on link below:

Link to U.S.Kids Golf


Coach Suckki Jang
Kyle and Coach Jang at Hank Haney Golf Ranch

Kyle was coached by Coach Suckki Jang at the Hank Haney Golf Ranch at Vista Ridge.  Coach Jang worked hard with Kyle and Paul, fine-tuning Kyle's golfing game with great success.  Using the latest in video technology - Kyle would see immediately what was needed with driving, chipping and putting.  Coach Jang made Kyle a member at the Golf Academy and his support and encouragement have been a wonderful motivator.  He has incredible vision and passion .
The video monitor shows Kyle with perfect swing plane.  The computer progam allows them to analyze Kyle's swing and show him exactly how his form is throughout.  It has been invaluable for Kyle to see exactly how his mechanics should be.  It is also used to time Kyle's swing and measure the tempo at four different points in the swing.  Kyle's tempo is at the same level as professional golfers.

If you watch the Hank Haney Project on the Golf Channel, you can see Hank use this with Charles Barkley and Ray Romano, and Rush Limbaugh with Coach Jang in the background running the computer. 


Junior Development - Dallas, TX

Hank Haney Golf offers several golf development programs, clinics and lessons for junior golfers of any ability level, from ages 6-15. These coed programs introduce kids to the great game of golf, develop solid swing fundamentals and build confidence. Hank Haney Jr. Golf Development programs are dedicated to the overall growth and success of young men and women and most of all encourage a fun experience!

Kyle's swing plane - Perfect!


Universal Golf Solutions (UGS) Southwest Junior Championships

Partners with the PGA Tour Superstore

& TaylorMade 

Universal Golf Solutions

The Southwest Junior Championships are quickly establishing itself as a leader in the junior golf community. With the top level courses they've acquired, industry leading sponsors, and great player bags and awards to be given out, their events are sure to provide a Major Championship level experience to golfers 8 - 18. They have started a tradition of offering the best prizes and player benefits to make theirs truly special event. The Southwest Junior Championships are 2-3 day events and all age groups except the Girls 8-9 play 18 holes each day.  AJGA exemptions are awarded and the tournaments are Junior Golfworld and Golfweek Ranked and follow NCAA guidelines.

After starting with the Southwest Junior Open, held in conjunction with the PGA's British Open,  Lone Star Memorial over Memorial Day weekend, and the Winter Open at Barton Creek in Austin, they are now having events in other states.

In April 2011, a Junior Masters in Atlanta to coincide with the Masters in Augusta.  There will be major events in Phoenix, Arizona, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Naples, Florida and Colorado.  

Please visit the website for all the exciting news and incredible tee gifts and raffle prizes.  The raffle is truly phenomenal with prizes from Southwest Putting Greens, AT&T, Samsung, TaylorMade, Adidias, Bushness, and of course, The PGA Superstore.    

Link to Southwest Junior Golf Championships

Chris Ownbey and Kyle

Where Golf and Fitness Meet

In 2009, Kyle began working with Chris Owenby at the Golden Bear Golf Center. 

Chris is the Golf condtioning specialist. and  he is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute and combined with his own education in nutrition and health, and his understanding of the specific needs of the golfer, he is the perfect addition to Kyle's training. 

We can't stress strongly enough, the importance of Chris' influence on Kyle and we highly recommend you incorporate his golf fitness in your junior golfer.  If you can't come to Golden Bear Golf Center - please go to his website.  He has DVD's available for you as well as other valuable information. 

Chris provides golfers of all ages with a safe array of exercises and stretching routines designed to increase strength, flexibility and improve balance.   The improvement is visible and since no fancy equipment is involved, it is easy to continue the workout at home and when we travel to tournaments.

Thanks Chris!!!

Can you believe how much Kyle grew in 4 years???

Kyle works with Chris to strengthen the core

When Kyle was only 3, he began working with Coach Wesley Francis, when he was the golf pro at Riverchase Golf Club in Coppell.  Wesley's unending patience with junior golfers is one of his strengths and he has been not only Kyle's coach, but I am honored to say Friend.  He has supported Kyle at every level, including travelling with Paul and Kyle to his first World Championship in Williamsburg, W. Va in 2005, where he was the highest ranked 5 yo in the 6 & Under Division after only 2 years of coaching.

Wesley continues to train junior golfers and knows what it takes to get them tournament ready.  US Kids allows golfers to begin competing at age 6, getting invaluable experience and the sense of accomplishment that will last a lifetime.  Check out his website for more information.  Coach Wesley can be found at the Golden Bear Golf Center in Carrollton, TX. 

Kyle and Coach Wesley Francis
Coach and Friend Wesley Francis

If you click on the link to Wesley's site, on the left hand side, under the link list is the video they shot for Cartoon Network.  Kyle was selected as one of the top 16 finalists for Cartoon Networks search for America's Most Talented.  Although he didn't make the top final 6, the video was broadcast nationally and seen by many. 

Instructor Kevin Johnson
Paul - Kyle and Kevin Johnson


Here, in Texas, the Junior Golfer can join the NTPGA and start on the Prep level and advance to Medalist. The Prep level has age 7 - 9 group, that Kyle joined at age 5 with an exemption and recommendations by his Coach.  Recently, they have offered more divisions, allowing for various age groups at various skills levels. They offer many tournaments year round, including Tour Championships and Player of the Year awards.  Membership includes admission to the Byron Nelson and Colonial PGA events. One day tournaments for Prep and Medalist Levels and two-day tournaments for the All-American and Junior All-American Tour.  Joining NTPGA also earns admission into the Texas Legends Golf Tour, a superior Tour that counts USGA Junior Amateur Champions Jordan Speith (now on the PGA) and Scottie Scheffler as alumni. 

Click on the link below:

Link to North Texas PGA Junior Foundation

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