USKids 2010

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U S Kids Local Summer Tour

Boys 10

Sherrill Park GC


It was exciting to start the season at Sherrill Park - mainly because after 2 years of playing the same 1900 yard course set-ups,  Kyle moved up to 2500 yards as a 10 yr old.  He wasted no time blasting his tee shot down the fairway then used a wedge to drop it on the green near the flag that was just behind a bunker.  It was a really gutsy shot. Unfortunately his birdie attempt didn't fly.  The greens had been pretty torn up during a fairly harsh (by Texas standards) spring and many of the golfers struggled putting.  While Kyle finished 1 over par - he had played a great round and his iron play was markedly improved after they adjusted the lie angles on his new TaylorMade Burner irons.  He was the only one in his group to score below 40.

Also, it was great to catch up with Brock Bagelman and his mom Brenda because we hadn't seen them since last summer.  And there were lots of new faces in all the divisions to join the many we've played with since 2005, watching them grow up before our very eyes.

Kyle 1st, Kelvin 2nd, Crosby 3rd, Jamie 4th, Jake 5th

Boys 10

Hackberry Creek CC


We're all amazed at how many new faces are in our division.  The first three tournaments have had over 15 in Boys 10 alone.  Kyle had another solid round with an early morning tee time.  They were done before the day got too hot.

Boys 10

Woodbridge GC


When Kyle did a practice round at Woodbridge - another course in the metroplex that we'd never been to before - he met up with one of the Club's members who happened to know Ted Madden.  Ted is a reporter from WFAA - Channel 8 (ABC network).  After hearing his friend's description of Kyle's round, Ted asked if he could bring out his camera man and they showed up at the tournament to interview Kyle and Paul.  The clip ran that night and you can see it by clicking the link on the Home page. 


Boys 10

Thorntree Country Club


Another new venue - this week the event was in DeSoto - just south of Dallas at the beautiful Thorntree Country Club.  Kyle was back in form to shoot a 1-over par 37.  Thorntree Country Club played host to the Byron Nelson qualifying tournament for 5 years; PGA Tour stage qualifying and sectional qualifying for the Texas State Open and is rated as one of the toughest courses in the Dallas/Forth Worth.  Rounding out the top 5 was Gregory Adcock, Jake O'gara, Chase Bailey and Cole Collins.  Even missing a tournament - Kyle remained at the top of the division with 96 points and Crosby held on to 2nd with 67 points.

Boys 10

TPC Craig Ranch


Another premium venue for our Local Tour.  Kevin Johnson brought the tour back to TPC Craig Ranch after a successful showing on the Winter tour.  Showing no signs of fatigue after a grueling 3 day - 54 hole event at The Tribute; Kyle returned to the top of the leaderboard with a 34.  Crosby, who had also competed all 3 days at the Tribute, was able to secure 2nd place and he and Kyle remain 1 and 2 in the Boys 10 division. 


Boys 10 

Trophy Club - Hogan Course


It's the last tournament we have before leaving for Pinehurst and the World Championship.   It's also the last regular event until the Tour Championship next month, and this year it will be at Stonebriar CC - on the 5 year Anniversary of the USKids Local Dallas Tour.  Returning to the Hogan Course at Trophy Club, we learned that it is the only course golf that the great Ben Hogan ever designed.   Quite an honor. 

Still the only one in his division to break 40; Kyle shot a 39, which secures his lead in the Boys 10 division with 156 points. Crosby was 3rd in the tournament, but he has more than enough points to stay in second place with 107 points.  Here's the top 5 going into the Tour Championship (which is worth double points).  Players ranked 3rd thru 7th are separated by only 11 points, which promises to make the final event a tight race.

Kyle - 156
Crosby - 107
Kelvin - 65
Daniel - 60
Jake O - 57

USKids Local Tour Championship

 Boys 10

Stonebriar CC

Kyle, Crosby, Jake, JC, & Pierceson

It had been a very hot summer and it seemed that Kyle and Crosby hadn't had a break since mid-July.  Just 9 days after returning from a week in Pinehurst, NC and just 2 days after the Belmar Junior Championship in Norman OK, they teed it up together for the USK Tour Championship.  Kyle shot a 1 under par 35 needing to sink an 8 foot putt to avoid a playoff after Crosby sank a 20 foot putt on the last hole.  Both boys were the only two in their division to break 40 and they finished 1 - 2 in the final point standings.

Kyle - Player of the Year - 216
Crosby - 107
Jake O'gara - 77
Kelvin Lee - 65
Daniel Schipano - 60

Kyle - Crosby - Jake

U S Kids Local WinterTour

Boys 10

The Bridges


It had been 2 years since Kyle last played The Bridges.  The local tour has gotten so big, but the days are pretty short.  Unfortunately the director at The Bridges GC didn't give us enough early tee times and not all of the groups were able to get all 9 holes in.  Boys 10 had to stop after the 8th hole.  The final group, with Kyle, teed off on #9 but by the time they got up to their ball - you couldn't see the flag. It was decided to only count 8 holes for the round.

Boys 10

TPC Craig Ranch


We took a break from competing in November and December as we went through the holiday season and some other family stuff, but Kyle said he really wanted to play TPC Craig Ranch since it was a school holiday.  We let Kyle caddy for himself and his Coach was there to watch.  He was a little rusty, but won the tournament and I was impressed by his drives - the strength training was paying off.   

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