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Boys 7 - 9 

Holly Tree GC

March 2007 - Azalea Trail Classic
A smile for the camera with a first place win.

The East Texas Chapter of the NTPGA decided to have a two-day tournament during Spring Break.  Kyle and Paul travelled to Tyler, Tx and competed in the Boys 7-9 division.  6 yr old Kyle would be playing 5200 yards, just like the Boys 10-11 group.  Kyle's score was the lowest of those two groups and he was ecstatic to win the inaugural event and the beautiful trophy they presented.

Kyle at Holly Tree Golf Course in Tyler, TX

Also during Spring Break, Kyle competed again at the Hank Haney Golf Ranch at Vista Ridge.  He shot a 33 and won by 14 strokes. 

Southwest Junior Golf Tour

Lone Star Memorial

Boys 7 & Under 

Indian Creek GC

Kyle displays "Closest the Pin" and "Longest Drive" Trophies

Of the 3 tournaments offered by the Southwest Junior Golf Tour - Kyle competed in 2.

The first was the Lone Star Memorial, held Memorial Day weekend at Indian Creek Golf Course, here in Carrollton.  Kyle had just turned 7 the day before the event and on the first day of the tournament, had his very first HOLE IN ONE!!

Using his sand wedge, Kyle's tee shot dropped onto the green and rolled in on the par 3 sixth hole.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get the picture due to my position in the cart, but not only did Paul and I see it - but his grandparents, Mary and Larry Lay and Coach Wesley Francis witnessed it as well.

Although the weather was cool and drizzly, there was a great turnout and Kyle won the longest drive, closest to the pin and first place.

After 3 years of hosting the Lone Star Memorial by herself - in 2010, Kay Dalke joined forces with Universal Golf Solutions and this event would be handled by Universal Golf Solutions but retain the name "Lone Star Memorial". It was the start of what would eventually grow into a prestigious Junior Golf Championship Series.

May 2007
Kyle, Jay Swarup & Garrett Leek display their trophies


Boys 7 - 9 

Chase Oaks GC

NTPGA - Chase Oaks
Kyle tees off

On June 5, Kyle had an early morning tournament at Chase Oaks, in Plano.  With the ground still very wet from the recent rains, Kyle shot a 45 to take first place.

Co-Ed 7 - 9 Winners - Chase Oaks
Stewart 3rd - Kyle 1st - Chase 2nd

Southwest Junior Golf Tour

Stars of the Future

Boys 7 & Under 

Firewheel GC

Stars of the Future Tournament - SWJGT - Sept 2007
Kyle proudly displays his 1st place trophy

Over the Labor Day weekend, Kyle played in the Stars of the Future Tournament held at Firewheel Garland winning first place and had the longest drive of his age group.

Texas Mexico Junior Cup

 Boys 7 & Under

Canyon Springs GC

Texas Mexico Cup - Boys 7
Jay Swarup-Jansen Smith-PJ Schmidt-Kyle

Texas Mexico Cup - 2007 - Canyon Springs
Kyle tees off as 2 boys from the Mexico team look on.

 In the Summer of 2007, after Kyle won the Lone Star Memorial Tournament, Kyle was invited by Director Robert Valero to represent Texas in the 1st "Texas Mexico Cup". This was to be a Ryder-Cup style tournament for boys and girls from Texas and Mexico in a 3-day tournament. Just like the Pros -  there was the Alternate Shot, Better Ball and then Singles matches.  In the inaugural event, Texas won every divsion except boys 12-13. 

The 1st Texas Mexico Cup was held at Canyon Springs Golf Course in San Antonio Texas.  46 boys and girls from Texas faced 46 junior golfers from Mexico's two junior golf associations.  Playing in the Boys 7 division; Kyle was undefeated in 9-hole match play and now he looks forward to 2008 to move up to Boys 8-9 and play 18 holes on each day of the 3 day tournament.

Team Texas wins the Cup!!!
Robert Valero and the winning golfers from Team Texas w/ Cup & medals. Kyle is 3rd from right

The Scorecard shows Texas dominance

Texas Junior Mini Tour

Boys 8 - 9 

Tapatio Springs

In the fall of 2007, Kyle went down to Austin and San Antonio to play in 3 of the Junior Mini Tour events.  Still only 7 years old; Director Robert Valero wanted Kyle to compete in the Boys 8 - 9 division since that was the age group he'd be in for 2008, and it was the first time he played the longer distances for 18 holes each day.  He placed 4th in two of the events and earned his spot on the 2008 Texas Mexico Cup Team.

Junior Mini Tour
A foggy start to the Tapatio Springs Event - Nov 2007. 8 yr old James Alfaro on the right.

There was a fog delay for the final round of competition at Tapatio Springs, but 7 yr old Kyle was in the final group alongside 8 yo James from Texas and two golfers from Mexico: one was 8 and the other 9.  Kyle shot a 3-over par 75, to take  4th place overall and win 2nd place points for the Junior Mini Tour.

Texas Jr Mini Tour 2007. Jimmy Clay GC Austin

Texas Colorado Cup

Boys 9 

Green Valley Ranch GC

Team Texas
Kyle joins the older boys in Denver, Colorado - Sept 2007

In September, Kyle was asked by Kay Dalke to join a group of Texas boys ages 9 - 14, to play their counterparts in Denver, Colorado.  She had seen Kyle's success in Match Play and his confidence in competing against the older boys. Still 7, Kyle was paired up against the 9 year olds and battled it out on 18 holes of the Green Valley Golf Course.  In very windy conditions, Kyle and Levi Valadez didn't win the Alternate Shot or Better Ball events but they did take it to the final hole on each of those matches.  On a positive note, Kyle secured a point for Texas in his head to head match with 9 yr old Coby Welch taking him all 18 holes to go 2 up.

Kyle points to his win.

Kyle and the 9 year old golfers show how close
their tee shots landed. Kyle was 2nd farthest.


Boys 7 - 9  

Lake Park GC

We were so busy that summer, that Kyle didn't compete on the NTPGA again until September 23 at Lake Park in Lewisville.  It was one of the first golf courses Kyle had played and practiced on when he was first learning to play golf because it was close to home and it was lighted.  Kyle shot a 31 to take first place and Ryan and Chase tied for 2nd.

NTPGA - Lake Park 2007
Chase 2nd - Ryan 2nd - Kyle 1st

In October, Kyle went to Firewheel Garland and shot a 42 to come away with a 2nd place finish.

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