Jekyll Island 2006
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US Kids Jekyll Island 
Regional Championship 2006 

Kyle wins Boys 6

Champion - Boys 6
Kyle holds trophy for 1st place

It had been a whirlwind summer full of golf, swimming, practicing and making new friends and suddenly it all seemed to come to a halt. 


It was a real shock for the whole family.  Kyle and Paul were used to spending their days in preschool for half days and the rest of the time golfing.  Suddenly, Monday through Friday was gone and training couldn't begin until 3:30.  Then the weather changed, the days got shorter and after only two tournaments for Hank Haney, there were no more competitions.  We hadn't yet tried the NTPGA, since Kyle was only 5 1/2 yo, and we didn't have a Fall or Winter Local Tour yet, so the only thing they were working towards was Jekyll Island - the USKids Golf Regional Championship.  Kids from all over the US and even some international players would compete at Historic Jekyll Island GC, off the southern coast of Georgia.  It seemed like February would never arrive.  Coach Wesley was confident, but we had no idea what to expect.

When we arrived, the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  Sunny, cool, with temperatures in the 70's.  Kyle was excited to get the USKids duffle bag, a Jekyll Island Sea Turtle head cover and to see the ocean for the first time. 

On Saturday night, right before bedtime - a cold front blew in.  Day 1 of the tournament meant temperatures in the 40 - 50's with 20-30 mph winds.  Unbelievable.  Our only consolation was that it didn't rain during the day and that Kyle would tee off after lunch.

Kyle did great though.  He shot a 38 and was tied for second behind Crimson Callahan (Missouri), who had the lead with a 35.  It meant that Kyle would play the last round in the final group with Crimson and Andrew Eyre (Oregon).  The next morning, as the officials were setting up the scoring table, they were also putting out the trophies.  Kyle had seen plaques, medals and trophies at the tournaments he'd been in - but never large silver bowls as prizes.  When he saw the really large one he asked what that was for.  "First place," I told him.

"I want that one," he said with determination and awe in his voice.

He was three strokes behind Crimson on the final day of the tournament with only 9 holes to play, and he was one of the youngest in that division.  Other than last years World Championship - this was the biggest event he'd been in with 35 in his division.   I said the only thing I could think of.  "Well, Kyle, you know what you have to do to get it."

Kyle didn't say anything.  He simply went out and shot the best round he'd ever had to date.  A 32.  Kyle won the tournament by 4 strokes after being down 3 !!! 

When we got back to Texas, Coach Wesley had a cake and a celebration.  It was the start of another incredible year.

Jekyll Island
Kyle sees the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

Jekyll Island 2006
Warming up.

Jekyll Island 2006
Showing off his new golf bag.

Jekyll Island Round 2
In the fairway.

Jekyll Island 2006
Putting for birdie.

The final group.
Kyle - Crimson - Andrew

Trophy Presentation
Kyle & Paul with the trophy

Coach Wesley Francis
Kyle and Coach Wes celebrate the win.

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