Mimi Rose and Papa Cox meet Kyle for the first time

Kyle - age 9mon and PapaCox


Kyle was too young to remember, but this was his first trip to PapaCox's lake house at Lake Sam Rayburn. 


Kyle and his cousin Erika

Christmas with Mimi Rose 2008

Kyle, Paul & MimiRose Oct. 2010

This was our very last picture of our beloved MiMi Rose, taken just a month before her passing.  She fought an incredibly painful form of cancer and we will all miss her terribly.  Her unending support and love will be forever missed - not only by her family, but her church and community as well.  She was the most loving, giving and selfless person and we will keep her in our hearts forever.  She was so proud of Kyle and we would send her pictures that she would share with her friends.


The arrival of 2011 brought some interesting things.  Kyle had to start wearing glasses for distance (just like his father).  We received more snow than we'd ever seen (Remember how it disrupted Dallas' first Super Bowl?) and we got a new cat.  Her name is Toby and she's been a real joy.  Playful and unafraid of water, she'll chase just about anything that moves and loves playing with the golf balls when Kyle practices putting in the kitchen, meaning we have to put her in another room if he wants to get anything done

March 2013

Celebrating Kyle's 13th birthday

September 2013


Family Photos
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Kyle was happy that his Nana and Papa (Barbara's parents) live close by and they have watched him grow and compete.  He loved his trips to Midland to see Paul's parents PapaCox and MimiRose.  PapaCox remains in our hearts after a battle with pancreatic cancer and just 3 1/2 short years later, we lost MiMi Rose, also to cancer.  They will live on forever in our hearts.  Now, in 2011, just 6 months after MimiRose's passing, we lost Kyle's other Papa to pancreatic cancer.  It is inconcievable that both grandfathers are gone - both by pancreatic cancer.  We know they're all in Heaven watching over us, but we miss them terribly.  We will always love you Papa Cox, Mimi Rose and Papa.

Feb 2006
Kyle took this picture with Mommy's new camera

Mom and me - 2 days old


Mom and me - age 5month

Easter 2002

Zoo - 2004

Nana - August 2009

Papa - 2009


We love you, Papa.  You were one of Kyle's biggest fans.

Paul, Kyle & Nana 11/2012
Kyle & Cousins 2011

Dad and me - 2 days old


Lake Sam Rayburn
Dad and me - 2 y o

Now Kyle was old enough to go out on the boat.  Kyle loved it and a few years later, he was bitten by the fishing bug and couldn't wait to go back out on the lake.

Dad and me - age 6 mon

Celebrating after a win 2006

My Other Relatives

I have lots of cousins:  Wyatt and Catelynn Cox are in Graham, TX.  Lauren, Erika, Haley and Patrick Filat are in Little Rock, Ark.   I don't get to see them as often as I'd like - but we have fun when we all get together.

Catelynn and Wyatt Cox

Cameron, Patrick, Kyle, Beau, Erika, Kaitlyn, Lauren, Haley


Nana - Papa - Kyle March 2006

Nana - Papa - Kyle at their home in Irving

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