USKids Worlds 2010

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US Kids World Championship

Boys 10

Little River Golf Club


It's so hard to believe that this is Kyle's 6th time to compete in the US Kids World Championship and his 5th time in the Pinehurst area.  Last year we were at Pinehurst No 8 and we stayed at the Residence Inn as usual.   The Boys 10 division would again be at the Little River Golf Club - and this year, since it was located about 5 miles north of Pinehurst, we made the decision to stay on site. 

It was a totally awesome experience.  We had a very spacious 2 bedroom villa that was a great "home away from home" and it meant no more driving to the range or the course.  We were on the back end of the property where it was very quiet, with a great view of the area.  The course was stunning as well.  Not perfect (a couple of holes had some minor issues) but overall - a great - comfortable experience.



We arrived on Sunday and since we had to leave DFW so early, we unpacked and settled down for about an hour to rest before going out to check on the course.  We were looking forward to seeing friends from previous years and meeting new friends, as there were a large number of golfers making their first trip to Worlds this year.  Right off the bat, we met up with Shaun Jones all the way from South Africa.  Last year was Shaun's first trip to Pinehurst and we played a practice round with "Little Easy" (as he's known back home, in homage to his resemblance to Ernie "The Big Easy" Els).  I didn't have my camera on the practice round last year and never got his picture - so I made sure I snapped one of Shaun and Kyle this year.

Kyle and Shaun Jones, South Africa

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

We hadn't seen much of Noah Goodwin over the summer, so it was great to catch up with him.  The high humidity and heat had the boys wearing a lot of white.  Much congratulations to Noah, who finished 40 places higher than last year - a truly spectacular job, Noah!!

Kyle and Noah Goodwin

One of the practice rounds was with Liam Powderly, from Maryland.  This was Liam's first time to compete at World's and he truly epitomized what US Kids is all about.  He was so polite and courteous, always smiling and really seemed to enjoy the whole experience of competing with kids from all over the world.  What a great representative of the US Kids philosophy.
Footnote - 2013 - Liam finished T127 on his first trip to Pinehurst but he returned in 2013, playing in the Teen World Championship and finished T54th.  He also competed in the Drive Chip and Putt Championship, where he finished 2nd at his Local Qualifier.

Kyle and Liam Powderly, Maryland

It was no surprise that our tee time for Round 1 was at 7:10.  I don't think we'd know what to do if we ever got to sleep in on the first round.  Fortunately, it all worked out.  We got to go 18 holes with Crosby, who was competing in Worlds for the very first time and Cody Transou, who we hadn't seen since 2006 when Kyle was first and Cody was 4th.  Not only did we manage to finish most of the holes before it got really hot, but I was able to ride along in a cart with Cody's twin sister, Molly, to keep me company.  Kyle had a phenomenal round, shooting a 68, and was finally able to say he was the first round leader - since traditionally, the first round at Worlds wasn't his best one.

Crosby Guercio, TX, Cody Transou, S. Carolina, & Kyle

The manager of Little River did a Facebook entry spotlighting Kyle's opening round and took Kyle and Paul's picture on the putting green.





Round 2 was going to be with AJ Beechler (North Carolina, 5th in 2009) and Patrick Welch (Rhode Island, 3rd in 2009).  We were the final group, with Kyle in the lead by 3 shots.  However, this round didn't go quite as smoothly as the day before.  The boys all struggled to find a rhythm and some issues out of our control on the back 9 resulted in an almost 6 hour round.  When we got back to the scorer's table the damage had been done:  Kyle and AJ shot 75 and Patrick a 77. 


Trent Phillips, S.Carolina, Kyle, & Brian Terlesky, Ohio

The final round had Brian Terlesky, Ohio in the lead by 2 shots over Kyle, who was 3 shots ahead of Trent Phillips, South Carolina.  I give all the credit in the world to Kyle who didn't let yesterday's round get him down.  He went out and shot another 68 to close out with a 3-day total of 211.  Brian Terlesky shot his best round,  matching Kyle's 68, to win his first World Championship.  We are so incredibly proud of Kyle.  His record of two wins and two runner-up finishes at Worlds is the very best in his age division.  This year, Kyle and Brian were the only two to have rounds in the 60's (Kyle 68 & 68 - Brian 68 & 69) and only 5 others had a round under par.  Next year, the course set up will be almost 500 yards longer and Kyle will get to play 18 holes locally as well as at Worlds.  He's eager to tackle the challenge.


Kyle received his 2nd Place trophy, from Dan Van Horn.  Joining him on stage was AJ Beechler in 5th place,  Harry Reynolds, South Carolina in 4th and Brian Terlesky in first.  A special shout out to Harrison Corbin from South Carolina, who finished in 3rd place - his first trophy at Worlds. 

As excited as we are for Kyle, we were also very proud of Brad Dalke, now 12, who closed out his years of competing for US Kids with his first World Championship.  He went on to win his match in the World Cup - Match play competition on Pinhurst No. 2.  Brad has had a 4th place finish, two 3rd place finishes and was so close last year, finishing 2nd.  To close out with a win was just awesome.   Scott Roden, 8, from Dallas returned to the podium to claim 4th place after placing 2nd in 2008.

Our Texas girls, also made a strong showing.  In her first visit to Worlds, 7 year old Melana Barrientos, Dallas was 3rd.  Improving on last year's 5th place finish, was Sadie Englemann 8, from Austin finishing 4th.  On just her second trip to Worlds, Hailee Cooper, 10, finished in 2nd place.  Since 2005 - this is the first time we've had 3 girls in the top 4 at Worlds.

Kyle and Brad Dalke


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