U S Kids 2006

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 US Kids Local Summer Tour
Boys 6 & Under

Stevens Park GC

Stevens Park 2006
Kyle - Tanaka - Garrett. Brian Mahon Tour Director

Another year older and another summer on the Boys 6 & Under Division for US Kids.

This was the first tournament of the 2006 season.  Kyle had just turned 6 the week before and we were excited to see some old friends, like Austin Kelly as well as some new faces like Tanaka Matuzu.  At the end of the 2005 season, after Kyle had watched Ryan receive the trophy for Player of the Year, he said that he wanted a trophy like it.  Brian had told him then that he was sure that if Kyle worked hard, he would be Player of the Year next time. 

Kyle took his first step towards that goal by winning with a 37.  His coach, Wesley Francis, was proud that three of his students had won medals that day.  Kyle, 1st; Tanaka, 3rd in Boys 6 and Taylor Icenberger, 3rd in Girls 10.

Indian Creek GC - Creeks Course

Indian Creek Golf Course June 2006
Tanaka - Kyle - Jackson

After getting 2nd at Hackberry Creek, Kyle went on to Indian Creek in Carrollton.  Although we were very close to this course, we had never played it until US Kids.  What made this tournament different was that due to a scheduling conflict, Paul wouldn't be able to caddy Kyle.  At the time, I was not prepared to caddy and so Coach Wesley graciously provided his services.  On a very challenging setup, Kyle was back on top with a 37. 

Tenison Park GC - Highlands Course

Tenison Park July 2006
Jackson - Tanaka - Kyle

The fourth tournament was held at Keeton Park, a course that Kyle has done well on in the past and shot a 34 to take first place.  He followed it up with a 35 and another win at Tenison Park.

Brookhaven CC - President's Course

Brookhaven 2006
Tyler - Kyle - Tanaka

His next tournament was held at Brookhaven Country Club.  It was here that he shot one of his best rounds ever in competition - a 31.

Prestonwood GC

Prestonwood 2006
Kyle and Paul

Just like last year, Prestonwood was scheduled for the day before we would travel for Worlds.  This year he finished with a first place win and then it was off to pack for Pinehurst, North Carolina.

US Kids Summer Tour Championship

Boys 6 & Under 

Brookhaven CC - President's Course

Tour Championship - Brookhaven 2006
Garrett - Rondarius - Austin - Brian - Kyle - Tanaka

All of Kyle's hard work paid off and he was ecstatic to receive the trophy he had coveted since he first saw it a year ago.  With 220 out of a possible 225 points, Kyle was the 2006 Boys 6 & Under Player of the Year.  It was made even more special since both sets of grandparents had been able to watch their grandson compete and win.  It was the first time we had all been together and it was a week we would always treasure.  We celebrated the wins with a lunch at the Brookhaven CC and then a special steak dinner at Salt Grass Steak House.

August 2006
Don and Rosemary Cox

Only 6 weeks after this picture was taken, we learned that PapaCox had pancreatic cancer. He fought the battle but we were devastated that he was gone not 3 months later.  He was so supportive of Kyle and he was so proud that Kyle shared his passion for golf and we wished he had been alive when Kyle began fishing, since it was PapaCox's other joy.

August 2006
Larry and Mary Lay

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