US Kids 2009
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US Kids Local Winter Tour

Boys 8

Plantation Golf Club

Kyle's tee shot at Plantation

It was a beautiful, sunny but quite chilly Sunday afternoon for the 4th event on the Winter tour.  Kyle was paired with Noah and Ryan and the threesome went 1st, 2nd and 3rd in what turned out to be one of the largest events for a local tour event, here in Dallas.  Kevin Johnson was proud to announce over 80 kids had signed up and most of the summer schedule was already set.

We'll have a week off before heading to Lake Park in Lewisville.

Coach Jang joins Ryan (3rd), Noah (2nd) & Kyle(1st) as well as Tour Director Kevin Johnson

Lake Park Golf Course

Lake Park Golf Course

It was a very windy, overcast Sunday afternoon when US Kids played at Lake Park Golf Course, with Lake Lewisville in the background.  Six of the holes played with cross winds making distance control a challenge.  Kyle shot a 36 with Noah taking second and Ryan, third.

Kyle 1st, Noah 2nd, Ryan 3rd



Boys 8

Pine Lakes GC

Kyle is presented his trophy

For his 4th trip to Jekyll Island, Kyle played the back 9 of the Oleander Course.   The weather was pedictably unpredictable and we battled the gnats for several days, but overall, it wasn't too bad.  With a 7:30 tee time for the first round, Kyle didn't get as much warm-up as he was used to, but he shot a 38 and was only one stroke off the lead, tied with 3 other golfers.  He was in the final group for the final round and shot a 35 to take sole possession of second place.  He's looking foreward to next year when he gets to play 18 holes.

Teeing off at Oleander

Kyle & Dad with trophy

Tenison Park Golf Club - Glen Course 

A Tee shot at Tenison Park

Due to issues from the course and a later tee time, Kyle finished playing just before dark.  We had been to Tenison Park a year and a half ago, but played the Highlands Course. This year we played on Glens and started with two par 5 holes.  Kyle had a chip in on the 7th hole for an eagle.  He finished with a 36 and Matthew came in third behind Noah.

Kyle 1st, Noah 2nd & Matthew 3rd

US Kids Winter Tour Championship

Boys 8

Brookhaven CC - President's Course

Kyle 1st, Ryan 2nd, Noah 3rd

For the first time in 4 years, we played a different 9 holes at the Brookhaven CC for our Tour Championship.  Many of us joked we didn't know the President's course had 18 holes Smile.  We had 8 players in our division and tour director Kevin made sure that all participants received Certificates for their efforts.  Kyle repeated as Player of the Year, undefeated in his division.  Noah took 2nd in the overall Point Standings with his third place win.  Ryan was third overall with his second place finish after completing his first Tour.  Rounding out the final top five was Matthew and Cristian.  Great job boys and we'll see you all this summer on the Dallas Local Tour.

Ryan, Matthew, Cristian, Noah, Kyle

US Kids Local Summer Tour

Boys 9

Indian Creek GC

Kyle tees off on the Fouth Hole - Indian Creek

It was a great start for the first event of the Local Dallas US Kids Golf tour.  It was hot but lots of breeze & sunshine.  Over 110 junior golfers showed up and we were all excited to see so many new faces and to greet friends we hadn't seen in several months.  Kyle birdied 5 holes and had only one bogey when he was forced to turn his sand wedge to chip it up from the edge of the water hazard.  He wanted to take his shoes off and stand in the water (a la' Woody Austin) but quickly changed his mind when he saw the snake making its way across the surface.  In the end he was the only one in his division to shoot under par and had the lowest round of the tournament.

Jaime 2nd, Brock 5th and Kyle 1st

Sherrill Park GC

June 2009
Kyle 1st, Stewart 2nd, Matthew 3rd, Brock 4th

The happy faces indicate how glad they were to have teed off at 8:21 in the morning, since the temperatures were reaching 100 degrees now.  Kyle was proud of his round of 32 and it was great to see Stewart back with us on the Local tour.  Matthew and Brock repeated their 3rd and 4th place finishes and next week it's back to Gleneagles CC, site of last years Tour Championship.

Gleneagles CC

Kyle 1st, Luke 2nd, Crosby 3rd, Jake 4th

It was a humid Tuesday, but due to a "Texas cold front" (which meant temps wouldn't get over 100) it wasn't as hot as originally expected.  US Kids returned to Gleneagles CC and the course remained as challenging as ever.  With water in play for 6 of 9 holes, and fast greens - accuracy was crucial.  Kyle shot a 36 to take first place and for the third week in a row, a different golfer took second.  This time it was "new to US Kids Golf" Luke, with Crosby returning to the local tour to take third.  They'll have a week off before returning to Canyon Creek CC.

Canyon Creek CC

Tee Shot on 10th Hole @ Canyon Creek
The dew is heavy and you can see the ball in flight

Our fourth event brought us back to Canyon Creek CC, and this time we played the back 9.  It was an early morning tee time, but the greens weren't slowed by the morning dew at all.  Kyle was able to post a 32 with an eagle, two birdies and no bogeys.  Kyle had a lot of fun with Luke and Chase - the boys were all upbeat and smiling the whole round.  In the end, Stewart claimed 2nd with a 38 and Crosby took third with a 44.   Jake and Luke rounded out the top five and even though Crosby doesn't look happy - they were glad to be finished before it got really hot.

Check out the lag !!!!!

2009 Canyon Creek Winners
Luke 5th, Kyle 1st, Crosby 3rd, Jake 4th, Stewart 2nd

Dallas Athletic Club - Blue Course

Jake & Jack eye Kyle's tee shot with his Hybrid

And the follow-through

For our first tournament since returning from Pinehurst - US Kids went to the Dallas Athletic Club.  Originally, it was supposed to be our Tour Championship, but the week before Worlds, the Hackberry Creek tournament was rained out, so Kevin rescheduled it for next week and it would now be our Tour Championship.  We had a tee time that would allow us to be done before the heat of the day set in.  This time we played the back 9 and it was a challenge with the lightning fast green. Kyle shot even par and we happy to see Jose Saljuga - all the way from the Philippenes - who wanted to play a local event here in Texas and came away with a 3rd place medal.

Kyle Rhoda 4th, Jake, 5th, Jose 3rd, Crosby 2nd & Kyle 1st

US Kids Summer Tour Championship

Boys 9

Hackberry Creek CC

Coach Jang joins Kyle, Crosby & Jake

Kyle finished up the summer with a win at Hackberry Creek to claim his 6th Player of the Year trophy.  He has not lost a local US Kids event since August 2007.  Overall it was a great summer.  We met some really great junior golfers and we're looking forward to seeing them all this Winter.  Overall, Kevin Johnson did a phenomenal job as Tour Director and our Dallas tour is bigger than it's ever been and we got to play really great courses.

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US Kids Local Winter Tour

Boys 9

TPC Craig Ranch

Trophy Club CC


Kyle had to miss the first 3 tournaments of the US Kids Local Winter Tour due to a fractured finger he sustained playing catch with his friends.  It was a hard pill for Kyle to swallow and coupled with the cold wet month of December, meant that his recovery was hampered.  He pushed hard to be ready for the TPC Craig Ranch venue - it was a major coupe for Kevin to get our kids on such a high quality course - one that has hosted the PGA's Q-school and a Nationwide event.  Kyle struggled and was able to eek out a win.  However, the next day was the next event at Trophy Club - another new venue for US Kids.  Kyle shot a 39, one stroke off the lead and tied with 2 others.  The scorecard playoff gave him the 3rd place medal. 

Due to the continued freezing temperatures in early January, meant the next event would be a month away.  Kyle's finger has continued to heal and he is training with a new set of irons, having outgrown his previous set.  He will also be getting his first 4 Iron and is looking forward to seeing how that works out.  He is able to hit his Pitching Wedge 105 yards now.


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