U S Kids 2008
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U S Kids Local Winter Tour

Cont'd from 2007

Boys 7

Prestonwood GC

Prestonwood was the locale for the third event - frost delayed the event for several hours. Due to the very chilly temperatures in early January 2008,  everyone was bundled up and used lots of handwarmers against the cold.  Kyle shot a 34 to take first place.  We're thinking that it'll be a good warm up for Jekyll Island in February, since the past two years had been pretty cold.  I didn't get there until after Kyle's round and my camera had a smudge on the lens that I didn't see until later - so no pictures this time.

Eastern Hills CC

Eastern Hills Country Club
Kyle 1st, Brock 2nd, Noah 3rd

In late January, we went to the Eastern Hills GC - a new course for USKids.  Although there wasn't a cloud in the sky, the temperatures felt like the 40's with a stiff wind blowing.  It was nice, though, to play a new locale. For many divisions, the scores were close and there were several ties and scorecard playoffs.  Kyle had a fantastic round - only one bogey at the last hole to shoot a 34.  He'll have a 2 week break before February which will bring a tournament every week, including travelling to Jekyll Island.

Eastern Hills CC
Kyle tees off on the 3rd hole.

Bear Creek GC - West Course

Bear Creek Golf Club 2008
Jeff & Noah Goodwin, Coach Jang, Kyle & Paul Cox; Brock Bagelman

On a picture perfect day, Kyle went to Bear Creek Golf Course and proceeded to shoot his best tournament round EVER!  He birdied 8 holes and eagled a par 5 hole and shot an absolutely incredible 10 Under Par 26 !!!!   His Nana and Papa were in attendance and Coach Suckki Jang arrived to watch the amazing round.  Everything was going just right today.  And we arrived home in time for Super Bowl XLII - when the NY Giants defeated the 18-0 Patriots.  What a Sunday!!!Cool

Kyle tees off on 9th hole, on track to another birdie

Firewheel GC - Masters Course

Firewheel Golf Course Feb. 2007
Kyle - 1st, Noah - 2nd, Brock - 3rd

It was another truly beautiful day - temperature in the high 70's and not too much wind.  Kyle, Noah and Brock were playing together and they had their own gallery following them.  Kyle and Brock's grandparents, Kyle's cousins, Beau and Kaitlyn, Aunt Nancy and Aunt Dianne, as well as Mr. Bill Dobbs from Golden Bear all watched the boys play.  A great time was held by all and it's hard to believe that the winter tour will be over in just two weeks when we go back to Brookhaven for the Tour Championship.  Kyle was 5 Under par with a 31, Noah came in 2nd with a 38 and Brock was third with a 41.  Great job boys!!!

US Kids Winter Tour Championship

Boys 7 

Brookhaven CC - President's Course

Local Winter Tour
Crosby - 4th, Noah - 2nd, Brock - 3rd, Hayden - 5th & Kyle - 1st

The last Sunday in February brought the last tournament of the Winter Tour and Kyle's last US Kids tournament in the Boys 7 division.  We went to Brookhaven and Kyle shot a 33 to capture the first place medal and his Perfect Season point total gave him Player of the Year honors.  Noah had a great season and secured 2nd place as well as an invitation to next year's Jekyll Island Regional Championship.  Brock was third on the tour and will also be invited next year.  Great Job Boys - We all had FUN!!!

It's hard to believe that the next time Kyle plays for US Kids - he'll be 8 years old.

U S Kids Local Summer Tour

Boys 8 

Brookhaven CC - President's Course

Brookhaven CC
Kyle 1st, Noah 2nd & Crosby 3rd w/ Coach Jang

Kyle was excited to start playing US Kids as an 8 yr old with longer distances, but the first event was the day after the Starburst Tournament in Waco. While we initially thought we'd make it, we decided that as hard as Kyle had trained for the 3 day event, he needed a break.  Instead, we began our US Kids season at a familiar locale - Brookhaven CC.  Unfortunately only 6 boys were signed up and one of them no showed, so Kyle played in a twosome with a young boy, new to US Kids while his friends from last season were right behind us.  Coach Jang arrived to cheer on Kyle on and Noah.  The weather was almost picture perfect and not too hot and Kyle had 3 birdies, 3 pars and 3 bogies to finish first at even par.  Next week, it's off to Bear Creek.

Bear Creek - East Course

Bear Creek Winners
Kyle 1st; Tucker (boys 7); Noah 3rd; Brock 2nd with Coach Jang

On another picture perfect June morning, Kyle returned to the East Course at Bear Creek.  By 9:18, the weather wasn't too hot and a cooling breeze kept some of the later morning heat at bay.  We had another no show in our group, but we were happy to see Stuart Ligon again.  There were a couple of challenging holes, but Kyle was pretty solid with 4 birdies and 3 pars to finish with a 35.  Brock & Noah, playing behind us again, picked up 2nd & 3rd places.  Next week - it's off to Canyon Creek CC. 

Kyle tees off on the Par 5 fourth hole.
Bear Creek GC

Canyon Creek CC

Kyle's 3rd US Kids local event was at the Canyon Creek CC in Richardson.  We hadn't been to Canyon Creek since June 2005 when it hosted the US Kids State Tournament (Now called the World Qualifier).  At age 5, playing the 6 & Under division, Kyle was 2nd with a 40. 

This was the first afternoon event of the summer and there wasn't a cloud in the sky - very little wind and hot.  Kyle had 2 birdies, and an eagle to shoot 33 on a course with very challenging, fast greens.  Next week, it's off to Dallas Athletic Club.

Canyon Creek CC
Kyle 1st; Brock 2nd; Noah 3rd

Dallas Athletic Club - Blue Course

Our 4th event finds us at the beautiful Dallas Athletic Club - Brock's home course.  Kyle birdied the 1st hole and finished with an even par 36 on a challenging golf course with lightening fast greens and Brock was 2nd with a 44.  We also met a new-to-US Kids golfer, Gregory Adcock who captured 3rd.  We'll have a week off from USKids and then it's off to Hackberry Creek CC, our final event before the World Championship in Pinehurst.

Kyle 1st, Brock 2nd, Gregory 3rd

Hackberry Creek CC

Hackberry Creek July 2008
Kyle 1st, Brock 3rd, Crosby 2nd

It's the middle of July and the heat isn't letting up for a minute.  This was Kyle's 3rd trip to Hackberry, but he hadn't played it since 2006.  The boys drank lots of fluids and Kyle had an eagle on the last hole to finish with a 33 and his first win at this course.  He'll miss the next Local tournament at Prestonwood, but be back in time for the Tour Championship in August.

US Kids Summer Tour Championship

Boys 8 

Gleneagles CC - Kings Course

Kyle wins Tour Championship & Player of the Year Boys 8

The final event for the Summer tour was held at Gleneagles CC - a challenging course with water coming into play on 7 of the 9 holes they played.  Kyle's round of 36 gave him the win and he finished the Summer tour and for the first time ever: went the whole Summer US Kids tour with all rounds at par or better. He collected his fourth Player of the Year trophy for his age group. 


Boys 8 

The Bridges at Preston Crossing

The Bridges at Preston Crossing
Kyle, Hayden White, & Noah Goodwin

It was an exciting start for the Winter tour.  We were able to play the brand new course, north of the Metroplex, in Gunter.  It is a Fred Couples design and US Kids was honored to be their first tournament.  We also welcomed our new Tour Director, Kevin Johnson.  Kevin has his own Golf Academy ( www.texasjrgolf.com ) was named as a top junior instructor and we're excited to have him on board.  There were also several new faces in most of the age groups.  Kyle had a great round, starting off with 4 pars, but then went on to birdie 4 of the last 5 holes to shoot 4-under par 32. 

On one of the par 4's, Hayden put his second shot about 12 inches from the hole.  Kyle hit his second shot up onto the green.  We all watched it make a bee line for the hole - hitting Hayden's ball into the hole.  Per the rules of golf, Hayden removed his ball and replaced it, then he and Kyle putted in for birdies.

The Bridges at Preston Crossing

Brookhaven CC - President's Course

Kyle tees off

It was back to Brookhaven on a gorgeous fall afternoon.  Kyle finished in first place with his grandparents in attendance, as well as Coach Jang and friend Bill Dobbs.  It was great to meet some new faces in our group.  Ryan Reynolds came all the way from Arkansas to take 2nd place, while Crosby was just one stroke back and finished third.

Kyle - 1st, Ryan - 2nd, Crosby - 3rd

Eastern Hills CC

Kyle tees off at Eastern Hills

It was a blustery Sunday afternoon, as US Kids Local Winter Tour played its last tournament for 2008 at Eastern Hills CC in Garland.  We hadn't been here since last January, but it seemed like the weather conditions were almost identical, (except the temp was in the 60's instead of low 50's) but it was just as windy.  There were 10 in our division this time, and it's been great to see new faces joining old friends.  Kyle shot a 36 to take first place, while Noah shot a 38 for second and Crosby a 39 for third.  There won't be another USKids event until January and we will go to a new-to-us course - Plantation CC.  All in all it was a pleasant afternoon with over 60 kids signed up to play.

Kyle, Noah and Crosby point to their winning scores.

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