Summer 2005

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Wes Francis' Junior Golf Tournaments

Boys 11 & Under 

Riverchase GC

In the 2005, Coach Wesley Francis hosted three tournaments for his students at Riverchase.  Kyle, now age 5, again played up in age and won.  The events were always on a Saturday morning - early.  Wesley would have the kids tee off at 7:30 on hole 10 to get ahead of the members.

Riverchase May 2005
5 year old Kyle wins 1st Place.

Riverchase June 2005
Two for Two

Riverchase August 2005
Kyle's 1st Place Hat Trick

US Kids Dallas Summer Tour 2005

Boys 6 & Under 

Sherrill Park GC

Brian Mahon started up the Dallas Local Tour for US Kids Golf.   We had only recently learned about USKids when we read about a local junior golfer who had won at a Regional event in Georgia and others who had competed at their World Championship in West Virginia (an event that was shown in part on The Golf Channel).  We began what was to be a busy golfing summer for us. We had no idea that this was just the beginning of what is shaping up to be a phenomenal experience.

Kyle's 1st US Kids tournament was at Sherrill Park.  Kyle shot a 41 and got third.  Was he disappointed?  Not in the least - he got a medal with a green ribbon - his favorite color and was ecstatic.  I wasn't able to get off of work to go and watch, but Kyle's Papa and Coach Wesley did go and were able to get pictures for me.

Sherrill Park June 2005
Kyle's 1st USKids Golf Tournament

Keeton Park GC

Kyle's next tournament for US Kids was at Keeton Park.  This time he shot a 39 and was 2nd with a medal and red ribbon.  Kyle was having a blast, meeting new kids and playing on different courses.  His division, Boys 6 & Under, had boys that were almost 7, like Ryan Grider and some that were only 4, like Austin Kelley.

Keeton Park June 2005

Making new friends

Stevens Park GC

At his third tournament, at Stevens Park, Kyle was actually tied for first place after 9 holes and would have his first playoff against Ryan Grider.  I didn't get there until Kyle was coming off the course.  It was a scorchingly hot afternoon and Kyle and Ryan would have to go back out on the course for a playoff.  Kyle and Ryan remained tied after the first hole with pars.  Kyle birdied the 2nd hole and came away with his first Blue Ribbon.  The interesting thing was, that back then - Kyle didn't really comprehend the difference in places.  He went out - he golfed - he got a prize.  For him - all was great.

Stevens Park June 2005
Kyle's wins his first US Kids Tournament on his second playoff hole.

US Kids State Championship

Canyon Creek CC

Boys 6 & Under

Then came the US Kids State Tournament, now referred to as the World Qualifier.  In 2005, it was held at the Canyon Creek CC and for Kyle - it was his biggest tournament yet, with the most kids he'd ever competed against at one time.  Fortunately, he had an early morning tee off, because the weather was really heating up.  He teed it up with Jeffrey Cunningham (6) and Cade Govendar (6) - familiar faces from previous USKids events. We were totally excited when Kyle shot a 40 and came away with 2nd place and the possiblity of an invitation to the US Kids World Championship in July.  Kyle was the only 5 yr old in the top 5 and it had only been a month since his fifth birthday.

State Championship June 2005
Jeffrey 4th; Kyle 2nd; Will 5th; Ryan 1st; Stuart 3rd

Hackberry Creek

Back to the Local Tour.  Next was Hackberry Creek and Kyle took 2nd with a 42.  Brookhaven brought another win with a 38 and then Tenison Park, second with another 38.

Hackberry Creek July 2005
All smiles despite the summer heat.

Brookhaven CC - President's Course

Brookhaven Country Club July 2005
A blue ribbon and a congratulatory handshake for 1st Place

Tenison Park GC

Tenison Park July 2005
Nat - Kyle - Ryan

The end of July brought a tournament at Prestonwood, where Kyle finished 3rd with a 46.  The next day, he and Paul were off to Williamsburg, W. Virginia.  Kyle had been given an exemption to the US Kids World Championship based on his exemplary play and took only his 2nd airplane ride ever to get there.  With record-setting blazing hot temperatures, followed by rain, Kyle participated in his first 3 day tournament.

The first day, he shot a 44.  Paul said Kyle was most disappointed that he didn't get a medal and helped him understand that prizes were given after all three days.  The second day he shot one of the 10 lowest scores in his division, a 38, guaranteeing him an award.  The third day he shot a 41 and finished tied for 15th overall in a field of over 70 golfers from around the world.  In fact, he was the highest ranked 5 year old in the competition.  All the golfers ahead of him were moving on to the 7 year old division, so we were extra proud of Kyle.

US Kids Summer Tour Championship

Boys 6 & Under 

Stonebriar GC

2005 Tour Championship
Sean 5th; Nat 4th; Cade 3rd; Kyle 2nd; Ryan 1st. Brian Mahon Tour Director

Coming back to Dallas, with only 1 day rest, he then went to Stone Briar Country Club for the 2 day Tour Championship.  On the first day he shot a 37.  That night, he and Paul set a goal for day 2: to birdie every hole.  Kyle was in 2nd place in the point standings, only 5 points behind the leader.  The tour championship would determine the Player of the Year.  After 8 holes - Kyle was in the lead.  Going to the 9th hole - it all came down this hole.  The last hole on the last day of the last tournament would determine it all.  Incredibly - Kyle was on his way to his best round ever, until an errant tee shot sailed left.  He still finished with his best ever score in competition - a 33.  He was 2nd for the championship and 2nd for the tour.  He was the only 5 y o in the top 5: Nat, Sean, Cade and Ryan would be moving up to Boys 7 next summer.   Best yet - his exemplary play qualified him for an invitation to the US Kids Regional Jekyll Island Cup to be held in February 2006.  All in all - a very exciting summer.

Season Finale StoneBriar 2005
Paul and Kyle display the season's last trophies for US Kids

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